How to Start Running

I was not a high school track star, and I didn’t run my first marathon in 3 hours.  I got here through hard work. And still work at it. Everyone starts in their own natural way. I hated track and the treadmill, but going outdoors helped to bring my love for nature and movement together. Here are some easy ways to get started. Be excited! You are embarking on a journey of self-awareness. Only YOU will know what is ultimately best for you. The process is yours.

1) How will you enjoy it?

Figure out what about the experience will you enjoy the most and start from there.  Do you like nature/outdoors? Then take it to the streets. Being social? Join your local run club. Watching movies? Jump on a treadmill and hit play. Competition? Sign up for a race, that will do it. Music junky like me? Download that playlist or song and rock out. Use that to initiate your first 10 minutes and Done! Make the first time pleasurable so you will want to return. The idea is to be as comfortable as possible. Do this first to teach the body the benefits of running. You should feel good when your done.  Word to the wise, start the moment you get up. Morning runs are a proven way to get it in. No excuses, just do it.  If you must do it later in the day, be prepared. Bring your gear and get amped up in the afternoon with some Nike running ads (my fav).

2) Timing

Where ever you decide to start, start out knowing you will just do this for 10 minutes. No pressure! When I ran my first marathon I ran purely for pleasure. Is that even possible? Yes it is. Running is the best metaphor for life, as I will repeat over and over again. Your expectation should always be to take one more step than before, but don’t set expectations too far out. The journey is to be enjoyed, not ruined in the first mile. So when you start aim to run at the most comfortable pace for 10 minutes. Visualize yourself getting lighter, faster, and stronger. Use a mantra. Mine is “You are not your mind, you are not your body”.  You can start with mine if you wish.  You are building your foundation.  If you stop, stop and walk the rest of the time. If you feel good start again. Repeat this for 10 minutes. At the end give yourself a hug, or pat on the back. You just finished your first ten minutes. Once you’ve conquered this, move to 20 minutes. Then 30,40,60, you get the picture.

3) Celebrate

Stand tall and breathe. Access how you feel. You just took a step in a positive direction. Celebrate by getting a smoothie to prolong the feeling of good health. You’ll see. You will want more. Good habits are gold. Always celebrate and look forward to your next run! Good Job!