Full Moon and New Moon Cacao Cermonies

For thousands of years, ancient cultures have had sacred practices that coincided with the Moon. Today, the Moon still greatly influences human culture, tides of bodies of water, and the growth of plants, animals, human life, and much more. 

Moon rituals are an ancient and sacred practice. Cacao ceremonies are a centuries-old ritual seen as the ultimate heart-opener. In addition to being packed full of vitamins and minerals, cacao increases blood flow to the brain which helps to strengthen awareness and focus. It helps the body to heal, detoxify and to give your immune system a good boost.

We begin our evening greeting new friends. We will then begin the ceremony with special mantras and rituals that will help to ground us and connect us to our breath then drink cacao.

New Moons also offer a blank canvas for you to paint what you would like in your life, as well as what you need to let go of. The questions then become: what would you like to plant in your garden of life for the next lunar cycle? 

The full moon is a time when our energies are heightened. We will take time to reflect on what the full moon brings up and go through a releasing practice and final cleansing in the ocean. The perfect time to set an intention related to the astrological sign of the full moon.

Sound Baths and Crystal Healings

Crystals are the most orderly structure that exists in nature. They respond to all the different energies that surround them, oscillating and emitting specific vibratory frequencies keep their energy flow at a constant. When discordant energy enters, it is balanced and transformed out of its state of flux. It creates a constant state of order, balance and a return to its healthy state. Our bodies work the same way. When a disruptive energy or force enters our vida, or life, it is our job to recover and restore our state of balance.

Crystal Vida Chakra Balancing and Sound Bath Workshops will help you return to a state of balance. A guided meditation on the chakras while playing crystal bowls for each chakra frequency, it will send you into a state of bliss. We combine this with a specialized crystal healing therapy.

Crystal Vida organizes seasonal Sound Bath and Chakra Balancing workshops in your office, the beach, at home or online. 

You can also book us for your next event. Crystal Vida can bring the workshop to your home, office, or any other event space. We specialize in healing circles, birthdays, bachelorette parties, divorce parties, grief circles, as well as one on one consultations.

Corporate yoga sessions

You depend on your employees. Treat them right by booking a corporate yoga session for your team. Bringing yoga into the office provides your team with some much needed time to pause, rejuvenate and recharge during the workday. Whether in the office or out at the park, Crystal Vida can create a tailored program that fits perfectly to your company’s needs.

A healthy employee is a productive employee.