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5pm-6:15 Vinyasa 



6:oo am Sunrise Yoga on the beach



5pm-6:15pm  Vinyasa Flow



8am Beach Yoga Vinyasa 

10am-11:15am Workshop Journey into the Chakras



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Class descriptions

Dharma Yoga: A complete hatha-raja yoga practice in the lineage of Sri Dharma Mittra.  Traditional Hatha poses with meditation and japa mantra.  Breathing exercises and deep relaxation. Devotional and spiritual.
Rocket Vinyasa: “It takes you there faster! ” Get ready to take off.  A fun & energizing vinyasa flow with breathing and purification exercises. An approachable, and challenging style of yoga, steeped in the traditional ashtanga series with a Shultz twist.  Guaranteed to get you sweating, stronger, and blissed out.
Virtual Retreat: A complete retreat experience with changing energizing vinyasa class based on the weeks theme, as well as relaxing breathing & meditation techniques.  We complete the experience with a healthy meal exchange and wellness adventure of the week. Activities will all be held online and in person while away on retreat si

We look forward to practicing with you! Namaste