Reawaken your Spirit for Spring

Spring is the season of growth and renewal. That makes it the perfect time to reassess your spiritual goals, clear out old energy, and make way for fresh possibilities and new commitments. I’ve compiled a few exercises to help you celebrate the season by connecting to nature, resetting your intentions, and deepening your spiritual practices. Hopefully, these exercises will help you reawaken your consciousness from a Winter slumber, bringing you inner peace and renewed joy.

1. Start Your Days with Rejuvenating Imagery

In the morning before breakfast, do this imagery exercise for rejuvenation, overall health, healing, and energy. Here’s a way to start:

Close your eyes and breathe out slowly three times. See yourself walking along a path where ahead of you is a bench under a tree. Envision yourself basking in the shade and breeze of the tree. As you sit, feel yourself becoming one with the tree. Envision your limbs digging in the ground, like roots, drawing in its nutrients and strength from the Earth.  Feel your torso becoming a strong core, like a trunk, and your arms reaching up through the branches. Feel your fingertips like the leaves and imagine your fingertips in full bloom. Feel and know how it is to be ageless — strong and full of life. Breathe out one time, and slowly return now, feeling rejuvenated, awake, aware, and entirely yourself. Thank the tree for this experience. Then slowly open your eyes.

2. Clear Your View

Wash the windows of your house or apartment. Then spend some time in meditation clearing away the dirt that clouds your vision. Let go of any hurts, grudges, and resentments you may be holding. If there is anyone you need to forgive, including yourself, do so. Then create a ritual to signify that you are cleaning and polishing the windows of your heart.

3. Carry Your Intentions

Find a stone or object that you can carry in your pocket. Perhaps it’s a pebble you found in a park, in a creek or river bed, at the seashore, in your backyard, or at a store that specializes in minerals. Whatever you do, pick one that speaks to you. Set an intention for this object and use it as a reminder for that intention.  It can be your metaphor for peace, gently reminding you of your highest good and be a vibration check for you at any moment.

4. Clean Your Assistants

Spring is a great time to clear the dormant energy of Winter from your house. Use clearing incense, like sage, as well as using a singing bowl. Sound cleansing can even penetrate resistant energy blocks that smudging alone can’t always get rid of. It’s an all-encompassing cleanse. I also will use a playlist or video to play in the background as I go through my cleansing rituals. Also, take this time to clear your crystals and any other tools that assist you in your metaphysical practice.

5. Practice Unity

Try the following Zen practice. As you are drinking a cup of green tea, say, “In my hands I hold a bowl of tea. I see all of nature represented in its green color. Closing my eyes I find green mountains and pure water within my own heart. Silently drinking, I feel these become part of me.”

6. Do a Walking Meditation

Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese monk, has written: “Touching the earth is a deep practice that can restore our peace and joy. One of the best ways to touch the earth is by practicing walking meditation.” Truly enjoy a Spring Day by, going  outside and walking slowly, in a relaxed way, keeping a light smile on your lips. Be truly present with each step you take, being mindful of your walking. For more instructions and commentary on this practice, see Thich Nhat Hanh’s little book The Long Road Turns to Joy: A Guide to Walking Meditation.

7. Spend Quality Time with Your House Plants

Give your houseplants the experience of spring renewal. Repot any that need it. Take them to the shower and give them a good misting. As you put them back in place, praise their beauty and resilience.

8. Do an Energy Fast

To participate more directly in Earth’s rhythm of light and dark, use no electric lights for 24 hours. To get back in touch with the smells and textures of your food, use no appliances while cooking for a day. To experience the true sounds of your world, don’t turn on the television, radio, or music system today.