Online Yoga Retreat- free half day

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2020 Virtual Yoga Retreat:
Return to yourSELF during a time of COVID-20

In these unprecedented times, now more than ever we turn to our wellness and spiritual practices for peace & clarity.  Please join us in our first ever free online retreat. This half day retreat is designed with home isolation in mind.  

Join us for our first virtual retreat!

Let’s retreat together this Saturday and start our day learning nourishing and healing practices you can modify and use for the rest of your week.  We will start the day off with meditation and tea, followed by an energizing yoga class to get your body moving and break a sweat.  This retreat will end with immune boosting exercises, a mini relaxation, and discussion on scarcity vs abundance mindset.  Sure, its not the usual exotic location Crystal would choose as our destination, but it will feel like all the others despite the environment.  We will hold space for our practice and for each other. Hey maybe if we all bring our pets we can pretend we are in the African Safari 😉

We’ll explore ancient yogic techniques, have a few laughs, and make the most of this time in isolation.  Recognizing what the ancient yogis have told us for centuries, we are not alone and we are ALL interconnected.  Come and experience the state of interconnected and bliss as we SPRING into a new season. 

As we navigate these unknown waters, our inner and outer worlds have been rapidly changing day to day.  

Our spiritual practice is one that we can count on to shed light on dark times. 

Hari Om 

  • Who is this retreat for: EVERYONE! No worries if you can’t make a certain time of the retreat program.  We will be recording all sessions so if you have to miss a part to tend to home needs, you can watch the video at a later date and practice when you can. 
  • What do I need: Upon booking we will send you a list of simple items to have handy for our retreat together, think tea and pets! 
  • Is this beginner friendly: YES
  • How do I connect: We will be streaming live via ZOOM.  Upon booking you will receive itinerary and meeting invite details. 
  • Where will this take place: In our homes! No matter the space you are currently in we will cater our practices to suit the needs of home dwelling at the time.  Try your best to carve out this time away from TV, family and/or friends, and let your loved ones know your taking a little retreat.  They will thank you later when you return refreshed and relaxed.