Find Peace through Yoga

The word yoga stems from the Sankrit word “yuj”, which means “to unite or integrate.” It is about
harmonizing the body with the mind and breath. through yoga we achieve our highest potential.

Why Yoga?

A regular yoga practice will strengthen, lengthen, and tone the muscles within the body. It has been proven to prevent injury and stabilize bodily functions. With regular practice, you will create more elasticity and awareness in body & mind, and clearer state of awareness.

Yoga will help still the mind. As the mind settles one begins the journey to self-realization. Yoga is self realization, or “oneness” with truth- the direct perception or experience of truth by the all knowing intuitive faculty of the soul.

Corporate yoga sessions

You depend on your employees. Treat them right by booking a corporate yoga session for your team. Bringing yoga into the office provides your team with some much needed time to pause, rejuvenate and recharge during the workday. Whether in the office or out at the park, Crystal Vida can create a tailored program that fits perfectly to your company’s needs.

A healthy employee is a productive employee.


There is something for everyone at Crystal Vida. Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned yogi, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for, we’re sure of it. Through weekly classes in the park, monthly workshops at the studio and pop up events across the city, we invite you to explore other aspects of yoga.  We will deepen your practice and enhance your understanding of self.